Climate neutral business

Freek van Duuren (The founder of bicycle couriers in The Hague) and Ron van Dop (ELS-Logistics) have entered into a unique collaboration. Together they have taken up the challenge to keep cities accessible in the future. The services of Els in the City stands for corporate social responsibility and climate neutral transport; local, national and international.

Fixed routes

Paint manufacturer Sigma Coatings and Els in the City bicycle couriers have entered into a unique collaboration. Whatever color you order ... from 1 June 2019, if it is up to us, all paints in The Hague will only be transported in one color: green. Namely with an electric carrier bike from Els in the City bike couriers.

Project assignments

For the city of The Hague, primary schools are provided with newspapers every year

Fast transport in the city

If it has to be on time then you have to be at Els in the city. They always know a faster route

Hourly rate €25,- p/hour
Single trips starts at €12,50- p/trip

Fast transport outside the city

Els in the city cooperates with all known courier services.
Local, national and international. Our bicycle couriers collect your shipment by bicycle.
Els in the City transfers all shipments in the CityHub next to the highway, so that the car courier
don't have to go to the busy city.


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